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"My son has taken piano lessons with Evangeline for more than a year now.  He absolutely adores her. She is patient, encouraging, and supportive, with realistic expectations based on the my child's interests and goals.  She is very responsive, flexible, and always punctual.  I am very grateful that we happened upon son has been so fortunate to have been introduced to piano by such a wonderful instructor."

- Anne

"Ms. Wong is the epitome of a perfect teacher: someone who is kindhearted and understanding but tough at the same time. She constantly challenges me to grow and push past what I thought were my limits: every time I play a piece in class that I think is good enough, she'll immediately point out countless corrections and improvements that make me view the song in a new light and perform it better than I ever thought it could be. Her keen musical ear and ability to interpret the intricacies of a composition will always have me in awe. Now, while learning a new piece, I keep in mind the composer's emotions, hidden patterns in the baseline, and all the delicate harmonies. Ms. Wong is an incredibly talented musician and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her."

- Ritu

“Where words fail, music speaks”


- Hans Christian Andersen

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